Welcome to the Boardroom

this site’s whole existence is for one and only one purpose:

“pave the way for corporate and personal success, i.e. – WIN”

whilst the site can come off as written purely for men, do not be mistaken. the content, strategies, musings and teachings within apply equally to both genders (because well you know, equality, gender balance, diversity & inclusion and all that). yes, there are two genders no matter what current political and societal propaganda would like to have you thinking.

confused as to which one you belong to? whilst chest size can be a good indicator, it is not the most reliable one – there are plenty of flat chested women around (which is why we’ve invented push up bras) and likewise there are plenty of manboobed soyboys (akhem – men…) around which will skew the results. so, if confused about your gender, take a peek into your boxers/underwear/thong/leaf you’re wearing and i guarantee your confusion shall be no more!

the above quick test (and results) however are not what is being preached within corporate walls… we’ll address the realities of preached equality, gender balance, diversity & inclusion as we go along our journey…

back to the topic at hand;

content here has been divvied up into series, as follows:

  1. The Trap
    know what you’re getting yourself into + the price you pay – and how to avoid trapping yourself in the rat race!
  2. Psycho Profiles
    the Psychos you’ll inevitably meet and have to deal with – how to spot them and, most importantly, USE them!
  3. Bonus Thoughts
    random thoughts, rants and raves – hopefully with a few lessons wedged in there
  4. The Game
    office politics & making the most of your situation – understanding it + getting up and out ASAP! Skip the out part if you enjoy the plays…
  5. Staying Sane
    health, hobbies and habits to keep you going – until it’s cash-in-your-chips time!

if ever in a pickle and in doubt on what to do next – refer to the Corporate Manifesto – it is a timeless guide to survival within the corporate jungle.

and if, for some reason, the above links are out of date because we’ve loaded in too much useful content and some links were lost/broken in the process then send me a DM on twitter @CorpGuerilla or comment below

if you want to get in touch you know how to reach me ☝️


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